Free Desk Space At The Website Shop


During our 3 week tenancy in Dun Laoghaire from 26th August to 15th September, we’re offering free desk space to any local freelancers and entrepreneurs who work at home and want a change of scenery.

There’s no catch, we just want a bit more life in the place and since we’ll have the extra space, sure why not.

We’re not sure yet how many places are available or for how long but if you’re interested just get in touch or reply below and we can add you to the list.


  • Alastair McDermott

    Hi guys,

    This sounds great – I’d love to drop in for an afternoon. I’ll give you a shout closer to the time 🙂


  • Dee McMahon

    Cian & Stephen,
    I think this is a great idea of your pop up shop and I hope it is going well for you – I love seeing new innovative ideas…
    If you have any desks spare next Monday 2nd September I’d love to perch myself if your premises for the day to give me a break from my own reflection!
    I’m also going to see if you have spaces in the workshop on the 3rd as well so hope to meet you at some stage.

    All the best

    • The Website Shop

      Glad you like the idea Dee.
      email sent to you about our hot desks

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