The Client’s Handbook – Why Do I Need A Website?

Nowadays every business is expected to have a website – not only because it’s seen as a necessity as regards your professional visibility, but also because the net is now the go-to source of information when it comes to looking things up, as hardcopies of business directories gather dust.

Assuming you have already decided to get a website, the next step is to translate that decision on to the website itself, i.e defining the core objective of the website.

Some answers to the “why” question might be;

  • To display a basic business profile and contact info
  • To increase sales
  • To exhibit a catalogue or portfolio
  • To promote a specific product or service
  • To sell through the website

The core objective is different for each business and will  define everything about the website thereafter, whether it relates to the design, the number of pages, how it’s marketed and so on.

Before any other decisions are made you should decide on what that core objective is for your website.