Managed hosting terms and conditions

While no server is invulnerable and things can and do go wrong, we can still ensure a very high uptime rate. If your site does go down due to server issues our server’s technical team will be working to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

Ongoing tech support
Our Managed Hosting plan provides ongoing tech support. This means that if you have any queries relating to your website we will assist you at no extra charge. Whether you or your team need to research a new feature or need to know how to change an element, we’re there to help. Implementation costs are separate and may require additional payment depending on the time required.

Our Managed Hosting plan provides daily backups and disaster recovery. We will perform a full website and database backup of your website every day and store these backups remotely. We keep a two week archive of backups. As such if your site is disrupted for any reason, there is a 2 week archive available to restore the site from. If a site disruption is not noticed for more than 2 weeks the undisrupted backups will have been overwritten in that time. As such it’s still important to keep an eye on your website. The Website Shop cannot be held responsible for any losses or damages resulting from the provision of or failure to provide a backup.

Hacking & Attack
Unfortunately no website is totally safe from being attacked, but there are best practices that should be followed to make it way less likely that your site does suffer an attack. The vast majority of site attacks are done automatically and at random. As software versions become outdated, vulnerabilities are exposed. Hackers write automated scripts that crawl the web looking to exploit these vulnerabilities and if found on your website can result in your site being defaced with unsavoury content, or malicious code being injected and your site becoming a source of spam to serve the hacker. As such the best way to protect your site from attack is by keeping all software up to date and this is the main practice of our Managed Hosting solution. Even with all software up to date, it still doesn’t mean that your website will be 100% impenetrable to attack, as no website is. If your site does become hacked The Website Shop cannot be held responsible for any resulting damage or losses. We will work immediately to resolve the attack and restore your website as soon as possible.

Dashboard Access
You will have access to the dashboard so that you can manage your website’s content. We limit the highest level of access for sites on our clients network so that the network is free of poor quality software. We’re happy to assist where required and when possible, where this might be an issue when it comes to making the changes you wish to make.

cPanel & FTP access
Our hosting network is a multisite network meaning that all of our sites are connected. In the interest of our clients’ security we cannot give FTP or cPanel access for an individual website as it would provide access to all of the sites on the network. We are happy to coordinate with developers, marketers or other professionals who may require this type of access and make adjustments where required providing they’re within our network infrastructural security parameters.

Software upkeep
We will endeavour to keep all software versions up to date at all times. When a new software version has been released we will implement the update as soon as possible, within reason.

Plugin installations
We vet any plugins that are a part of our network, and our aim is to keep the number of plugins to a minimum in the interests of security. Plugins are often outdated and ignored by their authors for years and as such are not safe to implement. For these reasons we may not permit the addition of a plugin to our network if we deem it unsafe. Plugins are often a quick work-around for some coding, so the end result can often be achieved without adding the plugin. We’re happy to take a look at any of these types of requirements and suggest an alternative solution where available.

Upon signing up for our Managed Hosting service we add you to our mail list which we use to communicate with our hosting clients regarding the hosting network. We will use this to notify you of updates or issues with the hosting network. We may also use this for promotional purposes.

Cancellations & Refunds
There is no minimum term to our hosting packages – you are free to cancel at any time. Payments can be processed monthly or annually. We do not give refunds on any payments that have been received.

Fair Use
Our service allows for standard or common levels of usage for brochure websites. If your website A) Experiences abnormally high levels of traffic, or B) requires abnormally high levels of file storage (over 1.5gb) then we will request additional payment to cover the associated costs of higher usage. We will notify you in advance of any such fee increases and facilitate a migration should you wish to move your website elsewhere.

The Website Shop can’t be held responsible for any losses incurred due to service downtime. While we will do our utmost to ensure maximum server uptime, all websites suffer downtime at some point and we cannot guarantee 100% uptime nor can we be held responsible for any losses or damages from your website being offline for any amount of time.

Failure of Payment
Failure to make payment will result in the cancellation of services. The Website Shop Ltd will not be held accountable for any associated losses due to discontinuation of services.

The content of this page is for your general information and use only. It is subject to change without notice. Please keep a copy of these terms for your own records. If you have any questions relating to any points please contact us and we would be happy to elucidate.

Updated: 25th January, 2019