Agreement for the provision of Global Food Soft ( ) food ordering system for pick-up & delivery.

Between The Website Shop and the restaurant, café, takeaway service, catering service or other user of the service (further referred to as ‘The Restaurant’).

The Website Shop, acting as partners of Global Food Soft, will set up, facilitate and provide the online food ordering system for pick-up & delivery to the restaurant.

The Website Shop will provide the setting up of the system, menu management, technical support and assistance.

The Restaurant will pay The Website Shop the fee of €100+VAT/month for the provision of these services. This fee may be subject to change but is fixed by this agreement for a minimum of 4 months after the date of this agreement. The Restaurant may cancel this agreement at any time.

The Restaurant agree to The Website Shop to create a new account or provide an existing account on The Restaurant’s behalf, and accept in the process the terms and conditions specified in the ‘Terms’ section of the Restaurant app which is required to process orders and grants to The Website Shop all rights specified for the Partner(s) in such ‘Terms’ section . The Website Shop may configure, edit and make all initial settings within the account so that The Restaurant will have the capability of receiving online orders.

By utilising the Restaurant app to receive and process orders, The Restaurant accept the terms of this agreement and the Global Food Soft terms of service as outlined within the ‘Terms’ section of the Restaurant phone/tablet app. The Website Shop provides no special assurances or extended accountability beyond these terms.

Explicitly, The Website Shop cannot be held responsible for any erroneous orders of any kind, user or client-side error, service downtime or service interruption even if resulting in the loss of sales, or any other eventuality relating to the operation of the system.

Terms updated on Monday, 10th October 2016. Please keep a copy of these terms for your own records.