Planning Application Websites

For An Bord Pleanála applications, including SHD/SID applications

The Website Shop Ltd. provides a dedicated solution for the publication and maintenance of planning application websites.

To date we’ve launched a range of websites for SHD/SHI applications for a variety of organisations.

Important Update: Introducing

An intuitive platform to launch your next planning application website with simplicity & predictability.

Through our experience of developing many planning application websites, we’ve built a dedicated platform that resolves many of the bottlenecks common in these projects.

This makes the process even more consistent and reliable, saving you time and costs.

  • Simple & consistent process, no unknown variables
  • Full support from our Dublin-based team
  • Flat fee, all inclusive. No hidden costs
  • Fully compliant with An Bord Pleanála technical requirements
  • Centralised project environment
  • Share preview with stakeholders
  • Upload files directly (no Google Drive / Dropbox required)
  • Launch for the public with the push of a button

To get a quote or get started:

SHD Planning Application Website

Key points:

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Numerous Strategic Development website projects completed to date.
  • Standardised design, avoiding the need for a protracted design process and higher costs.
  • All-in-one solution covering all technical requirements including website, domain and hosting/maintenance, with no hidden costs.
  • Clean, user-friendly interface fulfilling the usability requirements of An Bord Pleanála on accessibility/legibility.
  • Produced by our in-house, Dublin-based team.
  • Fast turnaround.
  • Same-day communication with full guidance and support.
  • Reduced costs for secondary/tertiary applications.

Your SHD Website Provider

At The Website Shop, we’ve successfully launched a growing range of Planning Application websites including Strategic Housing Development application websites and Strategic Infrastructure Development application websites for a variety of organisations who entrust us to deliver accurate deployments within launch deadlines and meeting An Bord Pleanála requirement criteria.

Our Strategic Development websites follow a standardised design approach which avoids the need for a protracted design process. This allows for faster turnaround time and lower costs.

Our production process allows for hassle-free handover and coordination of documents, cutting down on the need for a lot of back and forth communication.

An Bord Pleanála SHD/SID Planning Application Website Requirements

As per the public notification requirements of An Bord Pleanála for Strategic Development planning applications, applicants are required to publish a website containing all planning documentation available for public access.

The website needs to remain online for the duration of the planning application and 8 weeks following the decisions of An Bord Pleanála.

The website needs to be easily accessible and legible – An Bord Pleanála will not accept a website that is deemed hard to use or difficult to read.

If in the case of a planning rejection, An Bord Pleanála will require a second, separate website to be published for a reapplication.

The Website Shop has experience providing for all of the above, we have delivered numerous projects all within schedule and fulfilling the criteria of An Bord Pleanála. We have refined a standardised process for this to ensure quick turnaround and lower costs, while not compromising on usability, access or communication.

Where in the case of a rejected application and reapplication, we will provide a second website (as per the requirements of An Bord Pleanála), at reduced costs.

All-in-one solution for planning application websites

Our process:

We follow an efficient, hassle-free production process for SHD/SID application websites. Below is a summary of our process:

  1. Provide costing based on the requirements. We will provide a quotation free of charge. Contact us today for a costing on your project by completing the form below.
  2. We register the project’s domain and set up the holding page – this makes ready the website for the uploading of the documentation. The holding page can simply be a blank page, or can present a photo/render relating to the project.
  3. We set up shared folder environment for document sharing. We will create an easy to follow shared environment for your team to upload documentation to.
  4. Once documentation has been signed off and cleared for publication, we will upload to the website following the correct categorisation.
  5. Submit for your feedback and review – once the website is ready to launch, we will provide you with the link to view it on our development server. This allows you to ensure everything is correct and ready for publication and submission to An Bord Pleanála
  6. Go live – once you’ve given the go ahead, we publish the website live on the internet.
  7. Management and maintenance – your website will be part of our clients network of websites which we manage and maintain every day, following best practices for upkeep and software maintenance. We will hold a backup copy of the website so that if anything were to happen, we can restore it with minimum downtime.

What’s included:

We will provide everything that’s required.

As with any website, there are three main components required for a Strategic Housing Development website:

  • The website: This is all of the files, coding and design of the website itself
  • Website domain: The domain is the name or address of the website, i.e an equivalent of “”. Domains should be self-identifying of their purpose to avoid objection by An Bord Pleanála. A format such as (town/area)(planning).
  • Website hosting: This is the server that the website is held on. The website needs to be hosted securely with software kept up to date. If the website is neglected, a missed software update may result in the website being hacked, defaced or simply going offline. Such an eventuality could spoil the planning application. As such, we provide Managed Hosting to keep software and security up to date. No website is 100% secure but by following these best practices the chances of your website being compromised will be massively reduced.

Are there any hidden costs?

No – unlike many providers, we operate with transparent pricing and no hidden costs. Our sales team will confirm full costings for your requirements before your project begins.

Let’s get started

Drop into The Website Shop at 9-11 Harold’s Cross Road, Dublin 6W (get directions), call us on 01-555 9932, or email: [email protected].