What Is A Domain

A domain is one of the necessary components to having a website. What is a domain? Your domain is both the name of your website, e.g "example.com", or "thewebsiteshop.ie" and the unique identifier used to locate your website. Your domain…

What type of website is best for my business?

The Client's Handbook - What Type Of Website Is Best For My Business? There are a few different types of business websites; Brochure Website Portfolio Website E-Commerce Website Landing Page Website While a website can be…

The Client's Handbook - Why Do I Need A Website?

Nowadays every business is expected to have a website - not only because it's seen as a necessity as regards your professional visibility, but also because the net is now the go-to source of information when it comes to looking things up, as hardcopies of business directories gather dust.
Pokemon Go For Business

Pokemon Go For Business, A Step by Step Guide

As Pokémon Go explodes across the world we wanted to create a quick guide on how to use Pokémon Go for business. We'll also be running our own little experiment which you can read about here.

Parking at The Website Shop Harold's Cross

Getting to The Website Shop, Harold's Cross. Retail based web design service, Dublin. Nearby parking and public transportation options.

An introduction to SEO

A brief introduction to the main factors of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and how you can improve your website ranking.